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I’m headed to BOOK BONANZA!

This was going to be a solo trip but the forces of nature had another plan. I booked my flight on American Airlines, which I never fly, back in March, before the planes started falling from the sky. Apparently, my direct flight from Oakland to Dallas was on an ill-fated Boeing 737 Max. After many rounds of flight changes my flight went from direct to one stop in Arizona. From arriving at 3:10pm to 8:30pm. American Airlines was gracious enough to refund my non-refundable ticket. YAY!

Then I promptly booked a direct flight on SouthWest Airlines. I don’t hate SWA. For short flights within the state or to Vegas, they are great. But when you’re flying 4 plus hours, it’s a long flight without free movies. Most SWA planes don’t even have working screens. It’s just you and your thoughts or a good book, or music, or pretending to sleep.

Since SWA was significantly cheaper than American Airlines, I was able to book not one, but 2, yes two tickets. One for me and one for Marissa. A grumpy 12 year old who has only agreed to accompany me for the free food.

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