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Book Bonanaza 2022

Another year in the books. (pun intended)

I have been incredibly blessed and honored to be part of Book Bonanza. I went into this year thinking it would be my last. I honestly believed my writing journey was over, that I didn’t have it in me to write another book.

Then Book Bonanza happened.

After spending two days meeting new readers and seeing friends who have been with me since book one – I found that spark again. Having the desire to write is not the same as writing. The desire to write is the same as a new year’s resolution. It’s made with the best intentions, yet easy to abandon.

Writing is hard.

Outlining, making playlists, creating vision boards – that part is fun. The beginning of a story is the easy. That moment when inspiration hits and you sit at the computer furiously typing for an hour (or 6). Getting those first 10k words out is cake. It’s the next 40-50k that suck. And they will suck if you don’t put in the time, effort, and hard work.

My next book is going to be my favorite. I say that every time, and every time it’s true. If you want to read my current favorite click here.

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