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Free Thizz.

If you’ve ever wondered about Thizz but were to afraid to try it. Now is your chance to score it for FREE. In the Kindle store.  I know it’s not funny to tease about Thizz since all the good shit is gone. Too bad….

Poetry Monday #15

This week’s poem is dedicated to books. The ones you read that feel so real. The ones you read and wish they were real. I hope my book makes someone feel. Thizz, A Love Story is available now in paperback and e-book. Amazon: http://amzn.to/1Ic7QdV…


Presale starts today! Order on Amazon or in the Kindle store!

Thizz, A Love Story Book Teaser #2

Now that Thizz, A Love Story is officially being editing by Indie Solutions, I have tons of time on my hands.  Well, for the next two weeks anyway. I can either spend my free time (I use the term free loosely) cleaning my house or making book…