Poetry Monday #6 – Poetry in Motion

I was sitting here staring out the window, watching a butterfly.  I wondered if it escaped from a sanctuary nearby.  Butterfly World.  It’s a humid building with exotic flowers and trees, and little pools of water, and butterflies.  They float around your head, they land on your hand.  They ask you not to swat at them, not to kill them.  Butterfly World breeds butterflies. Are they licensed for this?  Are they a safe place where butterflies can live and breed.  Or do they breed them so they can exist.  So they can charge a fee, sell some tees.  When you leave they have mirrors so you check yourself, make sure none of these beautiful creatures are trying to escape.  20150921_140130-1

Every now and then one slips through the heavy plastic curtain and flies away.  They find their own flowers, their own trees.  Their own sanctuary.