Got Mine Book Blitz

There’s this thing writers can do to boost sales. It’s called begging. Joking.

Seriously, a book blitz is a great way to get your book in front of a wider audience. I started this blitz journey when Got Mine was selected for a Book Bub featured deal.

I read an article once about a woman that created a marketing plan around her BookBub deal and hit the USA Today Best Seller list. She spent thousands, yes thousands of dollars Abs-Adon Facebook Ads in additional to promoting in other markets.

I am running two Facebook ads and I signed up for a Robin Reads deal. Once I have all my numbers in I’ll post them here so we can figure out if it was worth it.

It’s middle of Day one and I already have sales in 5 countries. My Amazon ranking dropped from 499k to the 500’s. I won’t be hitting a best seller list with my current numbers, but hopefully this will get me reviews on Amazon and followers on Facebook. That’s a win.

So, yeah. You should totally buy my book while it’s only $.99

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