Ending a Series.

Tomorrow the final book in my Lunam Series will be made public for all to read. I’m stressin’. What if fans of the series hate it? What if they don’t and want more books? What if nobody reads it?

Just in case, I came up with a spin-off series, because I’m a glutton for punishment. Writing paranormal is hard. Writing in general is hard. Who knows if I’ll ever write it. I have seven (7) yes, seven beginnings on my computer at this very moment, and another five (5), or more ideas in my notebook. That’s a lot of fucking writing. When my husband catches me blank staring at my salad (let’s be real, it’s not a salad) and waves in my face to snap be back to this world, another plot bunny is born. Plot bunnies are like real bunnies, they procreate a lot.

A few of the bunnies I’m raising can be series. Do I really want that drama again? I didn’t know this back in 2016 when I wrote The Lunam Ceremony, that you can’t go years between a series, for people to really care (by care I mean read) about the series you should publish every six months.

SIX MONTHS! (insert laughing gif)

Since I only average a book a year…that’s not gonna happen. The only way that could happen is if I write the entire series before the first one releases. Also, not gonna happen. Or maybe it will.

The light at the end of this very short tunnel is that I have already written my next book. It was written four or five years ago. Shelved. Rewritten. Shelved again. Unlike some of my other books, this one means something to me. Sending it out into the world for everyone to read (judge) makes my heart hurt.

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