Lunam Series

The Lunam Ceremony: Book One Release Date: May 20, 2016

Born from a curse that allows her kind to shift from human to wolf, Kalysia won the genetic lottery. She is the heir to the most powerful family in her pack. Bound by her duty to produce an heir to continue their bloodline; she must leave the only life she has ever known to take part in The Lunam Ceremony.Lunam-3d-Book

This ancient ritual will solidify her place in the pack and determine who she will love for the rest of her life.  There’s just one problem – Kalysia doesn’t believe in love.

That changes when she falls into the hands of Dillan Dukes. The attraction is undeniable. The connection unbreakable. He is everything love at first site is supposed to be, suddenly her future doesn’t look that bad.

Unwilling to give up hope on going to college and having the life her and Dillan fantasize about outside the pack, she reluctantly takes on the role as pack leader. When an unexpected proposal is made that will grant both Dillan and Kalysia their freedom she is willing to put her ego, and her heart aside, to make her dream come true.

One night.teaser_vineyard

One act of selflessness.

For the life she’s always dreamt about.

Only things are not what they seem.

Can Kalysia and Dillan find happily ever after with the consequences of that night haunting them forever?

Will one fateful night destroy Kalysia’s future along with the future of the pack?

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The Lunam Deception: Book Two 

Release Date: May 2017!

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