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Free Thizz!

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5 Must-Read Werewolf Books of the Summer

Originally posted on Caldwell Publishing:
Everybody loves a good shifter story—and werewolves were the original shifters. Get classic this summer and dive into one of these raunchy reads while you’re chilling poolside.   Image via Goodreads The Lost Slipper – Alexa Riley The Blurb: When the…

Interview with Nicole Loufas (+ GIVEAWAY)

Book Tour || The Lunam Ceremony by Nicole Loufas

I love this review of The Lunam Ceremony. She totally gets it.

Shit is getting real.

The e-book is ready to go. The paperbacks are being printed. Cover reveal is in 2 days. Blog tours are starting. Shit is getting so real. I fucking love it. Thizz, A Love Story is happening. I hope everyone reading this loves the story…