It’s been awhile since I wrote one of these things. Let’s see. What’s new in the world?

We have a new president. I bought a Christmas tree. I discovered that McCafe k-cups are not that bad. And I had a book release.

Not going there in regards to the new prez.

Here is my Christmas tree:


It looks crooked from this angle, cause it is crooked.

Here is my book release:


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Read more about here: Illusions of Ecstasy

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I made a must-read list!

Caldwell Publishing

Everybody loves a good shifter story—and werewolves were the original shifters. Get classic this summer and dive into one of these raunchy reads while you’re chilling poolside.


Riley Image via Goodreads

The Lost Slipper – Alexa Riley

The Blurb:

When the alpha falls… He falls hardest of all.

The first time Stone saw Winnie, she was alone in the woods with no memory of where she came from.

With one look, he knew something was different. When she finally came of age and her mating heat kicked in, he realized that she had always been the one.

Sent to live with a strange family, Winnie was forced to deal with the hateful treatment of her stepmother and stepsisters.

Mating the alpha changed that.

But when her past comes back to find her, will the heat last after the clock strikes midnight?

The Bits:

This is part of Alexa Riley’s recent…

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