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Holy F*ck, I have a book.

I have a book. It’s sitting on the desk next to me. I can touch it, and fondle it, and smell it. When I open it I recognize the words because I wrote them. I. Wrote. Them. My name is on the cover because…


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The beautiful things that happen when you don’t feel like writing.

The backstory for this paper was to write in metaphor. At least 250 words. I’m sure Dani’s teacher wasn’t expecting her honesty. But I think the effort is worth a A+.

Poetry Monday #4

I’ve been super busy the last week because: Got my first round of edits back!  And I was seriously terrified of opening the word doc. But it turned out to be all good.  I can’t wait for you all to read it! Got the…

Teaser #3 (I think I have a teaser addiction)

I have to admit, making book teasers is really fun.  Almost as fun as writing a book.  Here is my third teaser.  Please let me know what you think!

My First Book Teaser!

Ok, so I admit I had to Google how to make a book teaser.   Actually, I had to Google what a book teaser even was!   Then I was like, Oh! Those are book teasers?  Awesome.  So here is my first ever book teaser.  And…