The beautiful things that happen when you don’t feel like writing.

During the many, many years I spent writing and rewriting this book, there were a lot of days, and I mean a lot, where I didn’t feel inspired to actually write.  On those days I did other things, like write poetry or haiku or sometimes letters to people from Dani’s POV.  Which you can find on Dani’s Blog or here under Poetry Monday.

When I was a kid I had pen pals all over the country.  I wrote amazing letters about absolutely nothing.  That has nothing to do with this post, but I thought I would share something personal about myself.  🙂

One day some time ago, I wrote a paper or a poem or maybe it’s an essay (Yes, an essay) from Dani’s POV.  I liked it so much I decided to make it the prologue to the book back when the book was called Dani and the Blue Dolphins.  Which I changed because it sounded way to middle grade. (don’t you think?)

Here is the paper all dressed up with nobody to grade it.  Unless you want to grade it?  Please do.  I would love to see if I still got it.

Dani's English Paper

(You’ll have to click the photo to read the text.)

The backstory for this paper was to write in metaphor. At least 250 words.  I’m sure Dani’s teacher wasn’t expecting her honesty.  But I think the effort is worth an A+.

What do you think?