I gave my latest work in progress to my editor on June 1st then I put myself on a time out. I needed a break from writing. Also, my new book – Alee – was really hard to write. Its dark, like 72% cocoa dark.

I had important things to tend to. Like laundry, and plucking my eyebrows. I cleaneLunamd my 20160605_123555shower, started and stopped a diet. Pretended to garden, I just took a bunch of selfies with the flowers.

I had a photo shoot with my latest book, cause I love the #Bookstagram hashtag.




And I voted.



It isn’t like I don’t have anything to do. I have a book, two actually, and an audio book to promote. I am catastrophically behind on my reading challenge. I need to brainstorm giveaway ideas for the author signing I’m attending in Texas on June 25th. (check it out here)
Long story, short. I’m bored as fuck.

My timeout is over.

I started writing The Illusion of Ecstasy today, book 2 in the Thizz series.

Cause writing is better than cleaning and cute eyebrows.


I need to write a blog today.

Tarryn Fisher and Me
Me and Tarryn at Authors in the OC

I wanted to write about me. Me. Me. Me. ME.

But I can’t. Because I finished a book called Fuck Love and it was so fucking amazing I can’t be all about me.

I must give props to Tarryn Fisher. You make pain so beautful.

You write words in a way that are so real. So fucking real.

I have all these words swirling around in my head. You pluck them out like brain bingo and arrange them in a way that I’ve always wanted to express myself but couldn’t.

LMWL and Marrow.mud vein

Mud Vein and Fuck Love.

To say I can’t wait for your next book would be like saying I can’t wait to take my next breath.

Until then, I’ll just keep breathing.


Here is my offfical review. In case anyone cares.

F*ck LoveF*ck Love by Tarryn Fisher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fuck Love makes me want to divorce my husband just so we can find each other again. Nobody captures the beauty in pain like Tarryn Fisher.

Only Tarryn Fisher can make reading acknowlegments fun. Is it weird that the last line of her acknowledgements is the one that made my heart fist pump the air? I hope he stays for all your winters.


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