Poetry Monday #5 – Ok, it’s Tuesday and this isn’t poetry. Shoot me.

In case anyone is keeping track….yes I missed last Monday but for good reason.  It was a holiday and my birthday weekend.  My gift to me – no blog.

This week’s Poetry Monday is going to be dedicated to a really awesome band.  One that I’ve actually included in my book – Thizz, A Love Story.

Enough about me.  Let’s talk about Audiodub.  A local band that started off as a cover band for one of my favorite bands ever – Sublime.  If you have no idea who Sublime is do yourself a favor and click the link to listen to their music.

Back to Audiodub – they make the kind of music that makes smiles and inspires.  If punk, rock, and reggae had a threesome; Audiodub would be it’s bastard child.

Here is a pic of them I took this past weekend at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco:


Guess what I drink and I smoke. I just discovered ecstasy along with mushrooms and coke. – The Story That Never Ends.

Check out their website here.

My top 5 Audiodub songs:

  1. Lucky Go Leah
  2. The Story That Never Ends
  3. Last Banana
  4. So Scud
  5. Slow Girl/Sweet Lovin/Shot Down

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