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Live Through It: Birthday Wisdom

When I was fourteen I knew everything. I’d seen everything. I was right about everything. You couldn’t tell me anything. When I was twenty-four I was wrong about everything. I screwed up everything. You couldn’t get me to believe in anything. When I was…

Killing the Magic

Sometimes I hear a song that inspires a scene, a character, or just a feeling. I’ll buy it, load it to my iPod and play it every chance I get. I play until it’s just another set of chords and words that don’t stop…


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Poetry Monday #5 – Ok, it’s Tuesday and this isn’t poetry. Shoot me.

Guess what I drink and I smoke. I just discovered ecstasy along with mushrooms and coke. – The Story That Never Ends.

Finally wrote a synopsis that doesn’t make me want to puke.

I’m very proud of my latest synopsis.  So proud, that I may keep it and use it.  Forever. You can read it here Thizz, A Love Story You can like me here Facebook You can follow me here Twitter

Top 10 things I do When I Should Be Writing

1. Pretend I’m brainstorming new ideas or plot lines by staring out my office window while listening to inspiring music. 2. Re-read everything I wrote the day before, make notes on things to change, and never change them. 3. Facebook, no explanation required. 4. Twitter, see…