No Teaser Tuesday.

I was going to make a teaser but I couldn’t get all the post-debate crap out of my head.

So many memes, jokes, gifs. Lots of great stuff out there. Then I realized that this isn’t a joke. We are going to vote for one of these people to run our country. Holy shit. So, I did what all good Americans do. I made a meme and posted it on Facebook.

Here is the post:

“In all seriousness, I feel like the debate gave a clear and decisive look at the two people vying for the power to run our country. All jokes aside, there were very valid and poignant points made. Clearly, one candidate proved to be the more mature and intelligent option. At the end of the day, this isn’t a joke or a pun this is the future of our country. Born here or flown here, this is the place we call home. We need to make sure the person running it isn’t going to screw it up. All personal feelings aside, make a choice that helps ALL Americans now and in the future. #VoteSmart

And the meme:


***Although I am blood related to the children in this photo, I didn’t get permission from their parents to use this for my own political agenda. They can sue me or thank me.

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Happy Tuesday.