Are You The One?

It’s that time a year again. When love and drama and stats take over my life.

Yes, the new season of Are You The One? began last night. I have three words for you.


I know I sound crazy making that assumption after the first night. But no more insane than Bria losing her shit over Zak. A guy she’s known for less than 12 hours and has already promised to cut his dick off.  Now that’s true love.


Bria is worried Zak will do something to make her look stupid like speaking to another female, which kind of negates why they are there in the first place.


Bria, hon, where ever you are in the world – STOP what you’re doing and listen to Girl, Wash Your Face.

PEOPLE don’t make you do anything. YOU react to the actions of other people.

Wisdom of Rachel Hollis.

Now on to some of my favorite moments:

Every single time Lewis speaks. The guy is pure gold. From his DuckOakanda t-shirt, to his “Let a duck be a duck.” comment about Kenya! (side note: Lewis Belt is an actual comedian from the Bay Area!)

Daniel, the smooch bandit. He delivered one of my favorite lines of the night:

“Bria is the kind of girl who slashes your tires and breaks your windshield then leaves a note saying she did it!”

I’m not sure but I think Daniel kissed 5 girls in the house. One of them being Kenya.

Oh, Kenya. I like her cause she’s strong and goes for what she wants. Then I cover my face and beg for a commercial or a better edit. For as many women Daniel has kissed, Kenya has rubbed her booty on a man’s…you know who. I am all for living your best life. You do you, girl! But you cannot cry when you see Tevin kissing on Jasmine. You can’t claim betrayal when Tevin confesses to kissing someone in the hot tub after you were cuddled up with Daniel for a smooch session.giphy

And Tevin. I had you pegged all wrong. I thought you were cocky and confident. A player. Maybe you were, before Kenya. Either they gave you a bad edit or playing kissy face with Jasmine was more revenge than genuine interest.

Who ever came up with the Fate Button is genius! The challenges were lame anyway. Forcing people to interact with each other should make the game easier to win. Should. The first truth booth was a shot in the dark. Tomas and Maria were a no match. No surprise.

I did find a potential flaw in the fate button. IF they only send couples to the truth booth using the fate button, the odds of getting a perfect match are slim. I’ll assume for now, this is just a way to promote interaction. It cannot be the only way a couple visits the truth booth, otherwise there will be no matches! Technically, there were no matches in season 6 either, but they had Keith.

I’m a total geek when it comes to stats. Which is one reason why I loved Keith from season 6. The boy won it all by process of elimination. I’ve been using this method since season one.

Here is my spreadsheet. It’s pretty simple.


As couples visit the truth booth, if they sat at a particular match ceremony, I will gray them out as a no match or highlight them in yellow as a match. When I’m really bored I’ll color the couples I think are a match to see if I’m right later. These are the 3 random maybes I have so far.


I also keep a chart of probability. This shows a process of elimination. This chart is vital in figuring out potential matches after multiple truth booth fails. As the chart shows, we have one confirmed no match.


I made a promise to myself to post weekly. I may not have time to write a full blog, but I’ll at least post the charts so we can geek out together!

DISCLAMER: All opinions, inital thoughts, first impressions of the show are subject to change. I apologize to anyone I offended or will offend in the future. I won’t go there with Cam (the Trump-lover). I want to wait a few weeks before I form an opinion.