Poetry Monday #12 – Ugly Cry

I’m feeling a little out of sorts today.  Maybe it’s the rain.  Or the fact that my book went live yesterday.  It’s probably just the time change.

Not sure how I feel about this one.  Is it dark or light?  I can’t tell yet.


A song. A commercial. A movie. A look.

The melody of a song. Words in a book.

When you tell me lies. When I speak the truth.

Do I feel too much. Am I out of touch.

With reality.

Or is it because I see. Things other don’t.

Not because they can’t. They just won’t.

They live in darkness. I crave the light.

Even when the view hurts my eyes.

Don’t turn away.

If you refuse to see what I see. You’ll never be free.

Of the things you hate, yet never change.

You have to look past the pain.

Accept the horror to erase the stains.

Open your eyes.

Say goodbye.

Allow yourself to Ugly Cry.