Poetry Monday #16

On the first day of sophmore year in high school my science teacher asked us to write an essay about our summer vacation. It’s obvious to me now, that he really didn’t want to work so he dished out an assignment with absolutely nothing to do with science.  Like every summer of my childhood, I did nothing. So, I wrote 500 words, about nothing.

I got an A.

This poem is dedicated to my 10th grade science teacher.


Door Closed. Music On.

Fingers on the keys.  Words don’t come.

No flow.

No luck.

Everything I write totally sucks.

It’s the weather.

The cold.

My hands are numb.

I have no chance of getting work done.

I pace. I eat. I make a cup of tea.

I close my eyes and start to sing.

What inspiration will this song bring?


No clever prose. No funny lines.

At this point I’m just wasting time.

It’s obvious what I’m trying to say.

I have nothing to offer the world today.