When I was fourteen I knew everything. I’d seen everything. I was right about everything. You couldn’t tell me anything.

When I was twenty-four I was wrong about everything. I screwed up everything. You couldn’t get me to believe in anything.

When I was thirty-four I figured out some things. I saw some things. Learned some things. You couldn’t convince me to change a thing.

Today I’m forty-four. I’ve seen a lot of things. Been through some shitty things. Came through big on some great things. Learned good things. Listened to some better things. Realized things, like things don’t matter. When I thought I knew everything, nothing made sense. When I surrendered to the fact that I knew nothing, my life started to mean something.

I’ve known it all. Seen it all. Loved it all. Left it all. Lost it all. Found it all. Ate it all. Created it all. And most importantly – lived through it all.

Is hope to be found;
in things I buy underground.
From plants and pills;
my world spills;
into the next.
Until nothing beats
inside my chest.

My Eyes

You’re my eyes when I can’t see;
the destructive life I tend to lead.
Drugs or drink.
Sex, love, or how I think.
Although we often disagree.
Through your eyes I will see.
The person I am destined to be.

So, I missed a week. But good things were happening. I had a Cover Reveal for my new book. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. It’s beautiful.

And now – poetry.

You’re right. I’m wrong.

Same old dance to a different song.
The lyrics vary day to day.
The melody is constant. It will never change.
Because of us.
This is our song.
The one that makes you right and me wrong.

I take the lead, then it’s your turn.
The hook is deep. The verses burn.
It will never end. We will never learn.
Because this is us.
This is our song.
The one that makes me right and you wrong.

This started as a love poem then went way off course. That’s why I love it. It was actually 4 poems that I morphed into one.

The path I follow has no signs.

No lights.

No lane.

I make my own way.

Follow my own rules.

Create my fate.

In your hand is a map.

A blue dot on a page.

It’s leads to a place where smiles are saved.

You guide the way.

In your world.

Colors swirl.

Time is replaced with feelings of joy.

No more heart ache.

We kiss through the night into the day.

You whisper to me.


I can’t say no.

I’ve lost my voice.

My ability to move.

Not by choice.

It’s too late.

A moment of joy.

A year of pain.

A second to live.

A lifetime of shame.

Darkness falls.

Colors fade.

I’m trapped in eternal night.

Left to decay.