Good News. Audiobooks. Hangovers.

Good News first.

So, I received good news this week. Actually is was fucking awesome news. That I can’t even share because it’s kind of, sort of top secret up until it isn’t.  I don’t even know why I’m writing this here, except to just say that I’m really really really exicted.


Holy fuck. Did you know there is an entire world (or website) where you can listen to people’s voices?  I didn’t.  And now I’m addicted.  Is it possible to fall in love with a voice?  I’ve listened to so many samples I can’t even keep track.  I’ve had 9 people audition for my audiobook. Only 2 were defiante no’s.  The others all have potential to be the voice of my book.  My words. The shit I wrote.  It’s crazy.  I have never even listened to a book on audio.  Now I have to make an audiobook.  It’s very overwhelming and kind of stressful which leads me to my final topic of the day.


Gin. Bourbon. Vodka. The three major food groups of my weekend.  Yesterday did me in. I played a dice game (LRC) with my friends while dressed in ugly christmas sweaters, and did shots of bourbon after an afternoon of drinking bloody mary’s, mimosas, and vodka & oj.  Don’t do shots of bourbon after drinking bloody mary’s, mimosa, and vodka & oj while dressed in ugly christmas sweaters the day before you have to take the ferry across the choppy San Francisco bay to meet with your second largest client.  Day jobs suck.

Don’t leave a full cup of coffee that you couldn’t drink because it mysteriously tasted like bourbon, on your desk for a 17 month old baby to splash/spill/pour all over your laptop.  If you do, your fingertips will smell like coffee all day.

Do, host a giveaway of your book on Goodreads for lovely people that like to read.

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Thizz, a Love Story

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