Wish I Knew What I Was Doing Right.

My biggest downfall is marketing. Myself to be exact. Which is ironic since my day job is in, you guessed it, marketing. Promotional Marketing. So, why can’t I market myself? I must totally suck at my job.

As far as marketing my book, I’ve done Facebook Ads, Kindle Ads, Promos, Giveaways, I post on blogs, and social media. I have no idea what what works and what doesn’t because I don’t follow my own rule.

I don’t stick to one strategy and track results. Most of time I’m winging it. Ok, all the time.

So, when something like this happens:


I have no clue what boosted my sudden surge in rankings!

Was it the free giveaway that put my book on everyone’s radar?

Was it the three days I posted buy links on blogs?

Was it the new teaser I plastered on all my social medias?

WHAT!  What did I do right!

Maybe it was nothing. Just dumb luck. Or a marketing fairy is secretly promoting my book while I sleep.

This leads me to my second question:

At what point can I say I’m an Amazon Best Seller? Does ranking in the top 100 in a genre count? Does anyone care? 

If you have the answer PLEASE let me know. Seriously. I want to know if I can fly that tagline on the banner of my website.

 Amazon Best Selling Author…

It has a nice flow to it.

The ranking above was for Thizz, A Love Story.

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