Poetry Monday #21

This started as a love poem then went way off course. That’s why I love it. It was actually 4 poems that I morphed into one.

The path I follow has no signs.

No lights.

No lane.

I make my own way.

Follow my own rules.

Create my fate.

In your hand is a map.

A blue dot on a page.

It’s leads to a place where smiles are saved.

You guide the way.

In your world.

Colors swirl.

Time is replaced with feelings of joy.

No more heart ache.

We kiss through the night into the day.

You whisper to me.


I can’t say no.

I’ve lost my voice.

My ability to move.

Not by choice.

It’s too late.

A moment of joy.

A year of pain.

A second to live.

A lifetime of shame.

Darkness falls.

Colors fade.

I’m trapped in eternal night.

Left to decay.