Poetry Monday #9 – WORD FIGHT!

I wrote this today and I actually fist pumped the air. That’s how much I love this poem.
It’s actually a Slam. Hopefully, I can write it in a way that conveys the feeling behind the words.

I was going to make this into a meme, I probably will. But I don’t think it’s needs flash to be heard.


I want to kick your ass. You want to take my life.
You pull out a gun. I just want to fight.
That metal in your hand doesn’t make you a man.
You don’t hunt deer, or bears, or ducks.
You hunt people. 
Uncles and fathers and sons.
You think you’re hard cause you pop off a round.
Watch people hit the ground.

I don’t need a weapon to make me proud.
My fist hitting your face makes a beautiful sound.
I don’t need to stop a heart to win a fight.
I won’t drive by your house in the dead of night. Scare your kids. Accidently shoot your WIFE.
I’ll go toe to toe. Look you in eye so you know.
Who to blame. Who kicked your ass. Who proved you GOT NO GAME.

Fuck your gun. Keep your knife.
I’ll smoke you with my words. I’ll punk you with mind.
You don’t need a gun to win this battle.
You need be smart.
Your brain and your heart are the only ammo you need.
To survive.
To succeed.

Life has no value to cowards like you.
That’s what sets us apart.
You got a handful of bullets.
I got a fistful of HEART.

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Peace and Love.