Poetry Monday #10 – dedicated to Colleen Hoover

I wrote this poem in honor of my favorite author Colleen Hoover.  Who has Never Never let me down. Gnome

I’ve been Slammed by love.

This Girl has been cheated on and dumped.

Until you.

You smile and my knees go weak. My hearts does a dance.

I step back.

This is my Point of Retreat.

I try to leave. You ask me to stay.

It’s a Hopeless fight when you look at me that way.

You offer me wine. I ask the time.


Rain falls outside. You look at me and smile.

That night.

That night.

You have something to Confess.

It was me.

It was me that you loved.

You waited. Never Losing Hope.

One day.

Maybe Someday our paths would cross.

I’d walk back into your life.

Into a time where our stars would align.

That day is today.

November 9.