NorCal Wolf pack spotted!

Pack News: May, 2016

As much as they try to stay out of sight….the Shasta pack has gotten pretty sloppy. With sightings all over Siskiyou County, it is only a matter of time before one of them are caught! Secrecy is key to our continued growth and survival. Please keep the newly turned wolves under control. If this keeps up, Shasta leaders will be called before the council.

Watch the video here, if you recognize any of these wolves, please contact their branch leaders.

Sierra-Duke Brockerage, LLC Report: Sierra-Duke is expanding into the hospitality industry. With two restaurants and our flagship brewery set to open within the year, more jobs will open up in the bay area. Families willing to relocate, will be compensated. Contact your branch leader to request a transfer.

⇒ Spotlight:

  • The sales of Howlin’ Ale® has tripled after it’s first month! Keep up the good work Tuluka Branch!
  • Congratulations to Jason on passing the California BAR exam. Good luck with your new practice.
  • Good work Shasta Brewing for earning a 5-Star Zagat rating.
  • Don’t forget – Mating with a humans is prohibited. 


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