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Brief Tutorial on Marriage

There are so many things you can’t do when you’re married.  You can’t kiss other people. You can’t have sex with other people. A girls’ night, becomes you and your girlfriends just pretending to be sluts. You can’t be friends with single people. You can’t meet someone of the opposite sex at a bar or the

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Live Through It: Birthday Wisdom

When I was fourteen I knew everything. I’d seen everything. I was right about everything. You couldn’t tell me anything. When I was twenty-four I was wrong about everything. I screwed up everything. You couldn’t get me to believe in anything. When I was thirty-four I figured out some things. I saw some things. Learned

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When a review makes you cry.

Full disclaimer. I met Rachel at a book signing, so technically I know her personally. But she had already read my book. And no, I didn’t pay her to say these nice things about me.   Rachel is also an author. She wrote a kick ass book about a girl that steals cars. You can

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