Killing the Magic

Sometimes I hear a song that inspires a scene, a character, or just a feeling. I’ll buy it, load it to my iPod and play it every chance I get. I play until it’s just another set of chords and words that don’t stop me in my tracks and force me to absorb its melody into my soul.

I play it until I kill the magic.

Sometimes I hear a song so inspirational that I refuse to buy it. I want the magic to last longer than a couple of weeks. I only allow myself to hear it by chance. I let fate decide because there is no better feeling in the world than driving in your car and hearing your favorite song on the radio. For those three or four minutes nothing else matters.

I have a song like that right now. It’s not so much the words or even the melody. It’s her voice, the way she delivers the lines. The way she pauses on the piano. Her is voice the same one I hear in my head as I write my new book.

As I get down to the last two weeks before my deadline, I’ve decided I need to hear this song more than once a day, if I’m lucky. I can no longer live with a few chance encounters a week.

So, I bought it. Now I’m feeling sad because I only have a few precious weeks with the magic before its lost forever.

Hopefully, at the end of those two week, I’ll be left with one of the best things I’ve ever written.