Top 10 things I do When I Should Be Writing

1. Pretend I’m brainstorming new ideas or plot lines by
staring out my office window while listening to inspiring music.

2. Re-read everything I wrote the day before, make notes on things to change,
and never change them.

3. Facebook, no explanation required.

4. Twitter, see Facebook

5. Update my website.  (LMAO!)

6. Write a blog.  (LMFAO!)

7. Read books in the genre I am writing, critique them,
and decide the publishing world is going to shit…or

8. Read books in the genre I am writing and cry because
I will never be as good, as clever, or as lucky as the bastard
pictured on the back cover.

9. Soundtrack the story I’m working on by spending
countless hours trolling through iTunes, listening to music I will never buy.

10. Sleep.