Big Goals for 2016

Lunam, book one

I just sent off the manuscript for my second book.  It’s totally not like my first one. It’s a fantasy set in reality. If that makes any kind of sense.

It has wolves, and hot guys, and unwanted pregnancies. It’s all over the place and it’s fucking awesome!

The book is called Lunam.  Look for lots and lots of promo coming soon. Release date is early spring 2016

Thizz, A Love Story

Thizz, A Love Story is being made into an audiobook. Not to brag, but I found some kick ass actors that are going to make the story totally come to life. That is the purpose of the audiobook isn’t it?  To have really captivating voices read your words? Not just some monotone robot reading words like Thizz and Rolling and Fuck without any kind of emotion or sense of what the fuck they’re talking about. I don’t have to worry about any of that. Cause my team fucking rocks!

More Books:

Book 3: Love, A Thizz Story (totally just a working title or maybe not) Part two to Thizz, A Love Story

Book 4:  Not telling you about this yet!

Book 5: Lunam, book 2

Book 6: So awesome, can’t wait for this one!

Do Epic!

Yes, that’s right. By the end of 2016 I hope to have six books published. I want to lose 15 pounds. And I want world peace.

Now those are some fucking goals.

Let’s see which ones I can actually achieve.

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