Poetry Monday #8 – Fan Girling

This post is dedicated to some awesome authors I met this weekend at Authors In The OC. An event that supports breast cancer awareness and encourages fangirling your favorite authors. Win-Win.

Kim Holden

She was the first author I’ve ever met. Let’s just sit for a moment and contemplate that. ***sigh***

Ok. So, Kim wrote two books that have made my all time fave list. She’s super cool and really nice. Like legit nice. Not fake nice. And her husband is a San Francisco Giants fan!  I should mention that he told me the use of Orange and Black on her books is not associated with the Giants. So,chill out Dodger fans. She’s from Denver.

Brightside Gus

Read them in this order. You won’t be sorry.


There isn’t much to say about Tarryn Fisher except. READ HER BOOKS.  She taps into that dark place in your soul that you try to pretend isn’t there, but really is and you don’t acknowledge it. That’s where Tarryn lives. She likes to throws parties there in the form of books. I’ve only read two of her books, I don’t know if I can handle another Tarryn book this year. Here  they are.  Read them. I dare you.

mud veinmarrow


I’m posting the first poem I ever read, loved, remembered. It was written in one of my favorite books and then recited by C. Thomas Howell in the movie adaptation. Do you know what it is?

Nothing Gold Can StayI took this pic right out of the book.

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost

I wrote a nice blog about The Outsiders.

You can read it here.

Thanks for stopping by.  🙂

P. S. (do people even do P.S. anymore?)  I just wanted to say that I really wish I could use emoji in my post.  And to let you know my book is available for pre-order on Amazon!  Order Now!

Holy F*ck, I have a book.

I have a book. It’s sitting on the desk next to me. I can touch it, and fondle it, and smell it.

When I open it I recognize the words because I wrote them.




My name is on the cover because I wrote words, and those words were made into a book.

I have a book.

It’s sitting on the desk next to me.

I can touch it.

I can fondle it.

I can smell it.

It is mine.

The book is me.


Today is my Cover Reveal!

I’m not really sure what it entails other than showing people my cover. So here it is!

thizz_full cover


Buy Thizz, A Love Story on Amazon or on your Kindle device (or app)!  Buy Now!

Poetry Monday #7 (I think)

So much has happened in the last 7 days.

My book was completed. I mean for real, for real. I have the files to prove it.  I even uploaded it to Kindle and Amazon!  And now I am riddled in doubt. I’m in the should’ve – would’ve – could’ve – stage.  The fear that flows through you after you hit the publish button.  Fear, regret, self-doubt.  They’re all here for the party.  Well, fuck them cause I invited Gin and Vodka.

On to poetry. This is so fitting given my mood, even though it was written two years ago.  Dark poetry never gets old and never goes out of style.




COVER REVEAL! Happening on 9/30.  That is 2 days from now!  See  you then slightly less sober and a lot more scared.


Shit is getting real.

The e-book is ready to go.

The paperbacks are being printed.Thizz, A Love Story

Cover reveal is in 2 days.

Blog tours are starting.

Shit is getting so real.

I fucking love it.

Thizz, A Love Story is happening. I hope everyone reading this loves the story as much as I loved writing it.

Cover Reveal set for 9/29 – follow me on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win a free Kindle copy!

Peace and Love.

Poetry Monday #6 – Poetry in Motion

I was sitting here staring out the window, watching a butterfly.  I wondered if it escaped from a sanctuary nearby.  Butterfly World.  It’s a humid building with exotic flowers and trees, and little pools of water, and butterflies.  They float around your head, they land on your hand.  They ask you not to swat at them, not to kill them.  Butterfly World breeds butterflies. Are they licensed for this?  Are they a safe place where butterflies can live and breed.  Or do they breed them so they can exist.  So they can charge a fee, sell some tees.  When you leave they have mirrors so you check yourself, make sure none of these beautiful creatures are trying to escape.  20150921_140130-1

Every now and then one slips through the heavy plastic curtain and flies away.  They find their own flowers, their own trees.  Their own sanctuary.

Poetry Monday #5 – Ok, it’s Tuesday and this isn’t poetry. Shoot me.

In case anyone is keeping track….yes I missed last Monday but for good reason.  It was a holiday and my birthday weekend.  My gift to me – no blog.

This week’s Poetry Monday is going to be dedicated to a really awesome band.  One that I’ve actually included in my book – Thizz, A Love Story.

Enough about me.  Let’s talk about Audiodub.  A local band that started off as a cover band for one of my favorite bands ever – Sublime.  If you have no idea who Sublime is do yourself a favor and click the link to listen to their music.

Back to Audiodub – they make the kind of music that makes smiles and inspires.  If punk, rock, and reggae had a threesome; Audiodub would be it’s bastard child.

Here is a pic of them I took this past weekend at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco:


Guess what I drink and I smoke. I just discovered ecstasy along with mushrooms and coke. – The Story That Never Ends.

Check out their website here.

My top 5 Audiodub songs:

  1. Lucky Go Leah
  2. The Story That Never Ends
  3. Last Banana
  4. So Scud
  5. Slow Girl/Sweet Lovin/Shot Down

Finally wrote a synopsis that doesn’t make me want to puke.

I’m very proud of my latest synopsis.  So proud, that I may keep it and use it.  Forever.

You can read it here Thizz, A Love Story

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The beautiful things that happen when you don’t feel like writing.

During the many, many years I spent writing and rewriting this book, there were a lot of days, and I mean a lot, where I didn’t feel inspired to actually write.  On those days I did other things, like write poetry or haiku or sometimes letters to people from Dani’s POV.  Which you can find on Dani’s Blog or here under Poetry Monday.

When I was a kid I had pen pals all over the country.  I wrote amazing letters about absolutely nothing.  That has nothing to do with this post, but I thought I would share something personal about myself.  🙂

One day some time ago, I wrote a paper or a poem or maybe it’s an essay (Yes, an essay) from Dani’s POV.  I liked it so much I decided to make it the prologue to the book back when the book was called Dani and the Blue Dolphins.  Which I changed because it sounded way to middle grade. (don’t you think?)

Here is the paper all dressed up with nobody to grade it.  Unless you want to grade it?  Please do.  I would love to see if I still got it.

Dani's English Paper

(You’ll have to click the photo to read the text.)

The backstory for this paper was to write in metaphor. At least 250 words.  I’m sure Dani’s teacher wasn’t expecting her honesty.  But I think the effort is worth an A+.

What do you think?

Poetry Monday #4

I’ve been super busy the last week because:

  1. Got my first round of edits back!  And I was seriously terrified of opening the word doc. But it turned out to be all good.  I can’t wait for you all to read it!
  2. Got the first draft of my book cover and Oh. My. GOD.  It is AMAZING! 

In addition to hosting my fantasy football draft, in which I am the commissioner and the 2013 Champion.  Thank you.  It was a super busy week, but I am staying committed to Poetry Monday.

I pulled this from the archive and made it pretty.  It’s actually pretty depressing, but I was in a dark place in the book when I wrote it.

Thizz, A Love Story

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